Velospot in Sion

Basel railway station © Jonathan Viey

Velospot replaces PubliBike in central Valais. The EPFL community can take out an annual or half-yearly subscription at a preferential rate. This gives access to all other Swiss Velospot networks from June 2023, except for the one in Ticino.

Velospot operates self-service bicycles and e-bikes. With more than 2’200 bikes and 800 stations, Velospot is present in 7 networks.

To test this new offer, you can benefit from a credit of CHF 5.00 by inserting the promo code “BIENVENUEVS” on your Velospot account before 30 June 2023.

If you already have a PubliBike subscription, it is no longer valid in the central Valais but will remain valid in the other Swiss networks.

The EPFL community can take out a Velospot annual subscription (CHF 50.- instead of CHF 99.-) or a six-month subscription (CHF 25.-), valid from the time of registration. The first 30 minutes of each journey (bike or e-bike) are free of charge, after which the per-minute rate applies (bike: CHF 0.10, e-bike: CHF 0.20).

  1. To have Velospot create your account at EPFL preferential rates, please contact [email protected].
  2. Create a Velospot account with the EPFL address via the dedicated app, available on Google Play or the l’App Store, or the website.
  3. Insert the partner code “EPFLSPOT” and the verification code received by SMS to benefit from the EPFL discount.
  4. Select the desired subscription: EPFL Classic 365 days (annual) or EPFL Classic 183 days (half-yearly).
  5. If you have not already done so, insert the code “BIENVENUEVS” to receive a credit of CHF 5.
  6. Proceed with the payment in order to receive the 8-digit code for the opening of the bikes by email. This code is also available in your customer account, in the “my subscriptions” tab.
  7. Search for the nearest station in the Velospot App and borrow a mechanical or e-bike!

The network in the central Valais comprises almost 52 stations and 240 bicycles spread over the following 12 communes: Ardon, Chalais, Conthey, Grône, Nendaz, Noble-Contrée, Salquenen, Savièse, St-Léonard, Sierre, Sion and Vétroz. The EPFL Classic subscription gives access to all other Velospot networks in Switzerland. → See the map

  1. Pick up a bike at a Velospot station. Press the on/off button on the lock (blue LED).
  2. Enter the opening code received by e-mail on the lock (or present the Velospot card).
  3. Green LED: code accepted / red LED: code refused – try again.
  4. Open the lock. Make sure the ring is not blocked by a spoke.
  5. Optional: Press the “electricity” button on the lock to activate the battery built into the e-bikes or insert the customer battery into the e-bikes/bicycles.
  • When you rent a bike, you can lock it at any time outside a Velospot station. Simply lower the red lever as if you were returning a bike to a Velospot station. A red flashing of the lock accompanied by a long beep confirms that the process is complete. When the lock is properly closed, other users cannot access the rented bike.
  • Note: If you lock your bike outside of a Velospot station, your ride and the related costs will continue.
  1. Drop the bike off at a Velospot station. Press the on/off button (white LED).
  2. Manually close the lock with the red pull tab and hold it down until 2 beeps are heard.
  3. Bicycle locked.
  4. End of race confirmation sent by email/push alert. Also visible on your account, under “my races”.
  • The locks of e-bikes with insufficient battery life remain closed.
  • To activate the e-bike battery, simply press the “electricity” button on the lock for 2 seconds.
  • As soon as the e-bike battery is activated, a supplement will be charged per journey for the use of the bike’s battery (see your subscription details).
  • The headlights must be switched on via the dynamo when the bike is used mechanically.
  • To switch on the headlights, simply press the red button on the dynamo until it touches the front wheel. In the case of e-bikes, the headlights are switched on automatically.