The Library provides its users with 860 seated workspaces and various computer equipment detailed hereunder. Loan terminals (“self-check”) enable you to borrow publications yourself. Paperboards are also available for free in the Rolex Learning Center. Flipchart paper and felt pen kits can be borrowed at the Library welcome desk.

Workstations are available for consultation and to search for publications (Library catalogue: BEAST, databases and other digital documents).

On these computers, you can use standard office suites (Office 2016, Libre Office 5.x), Adobe Reader DC, 7-Zip, Flash Player, PrimoPDF (for generating PDF documents) and VLC.

For the visitors

Free-access terminals enable one to do some research on the internet and to use the standard office tools. The access points are marked beside the station. Data can be saved onto a USB flash drive.

Printing is possible by requesting a visitor’s card (“bibguest”) from a Library desk and providing a form of ID. The rates are set out on this page. We appreciate it when our visitors promptly bring back these cards after use.

For the EPFL members

The EPFL members have free-access use of the terminals (as do the visitors) or they can opt for authentication with their usual login at the other stations.

Printing is possible with the myPrint system.

The library has a microfiche and microfilm reader-printer which is located in the basement of the “Sciences et Techniques” (Science and Technology) area. The cost of printing is 10 cents/sheet.

The Library provides a range of digitisation equipment free of charge to its users. Use is free and does not require authentication.

Book scanners :

These devices are specially conceived for digitising books and other related documents, with a thickness of up to 150 mm. They have functionalities such as automatic framing, elimination of black borders, finger masking and book curvature correction. The A2 scanner allows digitisation of large documents such as newspapers, drawings or maps.

Flatbed scanner :

This scanner is set up on a PC that the user can access. Software is available for editing, compression or other work.

Multifuncion copiers :

These devices make specifically digitisation possible. They are efficient for flat documents or sheaves of separate sheets that can be inserted into the loader.

i2s e-scan open system Epson



ImageRUNNER C5560i


ImageRUNNER 6555i


ImageRUNNER 6555i

Type Books scanner


Flatbed scanner


Multifunction copier


Multifunction copier

Black and white

Multifunction copier

Black and white

Emplacement Enseignement Sciences et Techniques Enseignement Enseignement Sciences et Techniques
Scanner e-scan Scanner GT-15000 Multifonction WorkCentre 7665 Multifonction WorkCentre 5665 Multifonction WorkCentre 5638
Format max.

[mm × mm]

560 × 400 420 × 297 (A3) 420 × 297 (A3) 420 × 297 (A3) 420 × 297 (A3)
Résolution [dpi] 200 / 400 600 / 1200 (



600 600 600
File formats PDF (image only or searchable)


PDF (image only)


PDF (image only or searchable), TIFF, JPEG PDF (image only or searchable), TIFF, JPEG PDF (image only or searchable), TIFF, JPEG
Output USB USB or email USB or Email (EPFL) USB or Email (EPFL) USB or Email (EPFL)
Software N/A Acrobat (searchable PDF), GIMP,… N/A N/A N/A
Manual e-scan Guide MyPrint Guide MyPrint Guide MyPrint


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