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Saturday 14 September – general public conference

A unique occasion for an exclusive first look

Open to the general public and free access, these sessions are a unique opportunity to learn first hand about the latest technological developments which will revolutionize tomorrow's world, presented by those who are developing them.

From avalanche rescue to humanitarian field work, from personalised delivery to printable drones, not forgetting sport in various guises: drones have a wide array of potential applications. Switzerland is a recognized center of excellence in flying robotics, and at the forefront of their development.

Be the first witnesses to the most forward thinking inventions!

Session 1 – 13.00-14.00

Freespace Drone Racing



UV Prod

Session 2 – 14.30-15.30

Motion Pilot


Association Suisse de Drones

Autonomous System Lab (ETHZ)

Session 3 – 16.00-17.00

Quadcopter Racing League




Autonomous Systems Lab (ETHZ)

Nicholas Lawrance is a Senior Researcher at the Autonomous Systems Lab at ETH Zürich.  His interests include informative path planning, exploration/exploitation problems, autonomous soaring and aerial vehicles. He completed his PhD at the University of Sydney, and has worked as a postdoctoral scholar at Oregon State University.

Quadcopter Racing League

Cristian Mendez Carmona was born in Chile and raised in Austria and is a specialist in Event Sales & Organisation. Having spent many years at Formula1, he moved to Lufthansa First Class Terminal, MotoGP and FIFA World Cup among others. Cristian founded the Quadcopter Racing League in 2017 with the idea to serve the future urban air mobility as a platform for their technologies that can have an impact in many fields such as ambulance, security, agriculture and many more. At Quadcopter Racing League he functions as CEO and is excited to contribute in the development of racing vehicles and hosting VTOL racing events. He is supported by a team of motor sport experts and engineers who are currently working on the new design and specifications of the racing vehicle for a spectacular and entertaining event for all generations.


Guided by the vision of technology being at the service of man, Nivitec creates innovative and personalised solutions in safety and rescue field via drone technology.