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Associations acknowledged by EPFL

Associations d’étudiants reconnues par l’EPFL / Associations partenaires de l’EPFL / Représentation de différents corps de l’EPFL

ACC (Association of the Executives of the Confederation)
APC (Staff Association of the Confederation)
ACIDE (Association of Research Scientists and lecturers at EPFL)
ADEC (Association of EPFL Students in Chemistry)
ADELE (Association of EPFL Students in Electrical Engineering)
ADSV (Association of EPFL PhD in Life Science)
AEGC (Association of EPFL Students in Civil Engineering)
AEGEL (Association of Greek Students in Lausanne)
AELL (Association of the Luxemburg Students in Lausanne)
Aeropoly (Association for all types of flying activities)
AESV (Association of EPFL Students in Life Science)
AGEPoly (Student’s General Association of the EPFL)
ALSL (Association of the Libanese Students in Lausanne)
AMAC (Association of EPFL Students in Mechanical Engineering)
APEL (Association of EPFL Professors)
APML (Association of the Morrocans Polytechnicians Students in Lausanne)
ARO (Romanien Students Association at EPFL)
Artiphys (Festival)
ASAR (Association of EPFL Students in Architecture)
ASE (Speedcubing Association EPFL)
AS-SOLAR (Student Association for the participation in the Solar Decathlon)
AUMC (Academic Association of Chamber Music)
Balelec (Festival)
BSA (Blockchain Student Association)
BSNL (BioScience Network Lausanne)
Callista (EPFL-UniL Association in Astronomy)
Challenge (AGEPoly Commission – Ski Challenge EPFL-ETHZ)
CHUL (Academic Choir Association in Lausanne)
CIEL (Sustainability Hackaton)
Cinéclub (AGEPoly Commission
Clic (Association of EPFL
Students in Computer Science and Communication Systems)
Club Montagne (AGEPoly Commission)
Club Photo (AGEPoly Commission)
Coaching (AGEPoly Commission for 1st Year Students integration)
Association of EPFL Students in Mathematics)
CSSA (Chinese Students & Scholars Association, Lausanne)
Dame Blanche (AGEPoly Commission – Chess club)
Dance Square (AGEPoly Commission – Dance Club)
Dynamic (
Association of EPFL Students in Microengineering)
EBPT (Energy BPT Group, Energy and Sustainable Development
Enigma (
Association of EPFL Students in Materials)
EPFelles (EPFL Student female comunity)
EPFL Photonics Chapter (Association of EPFL Students in Photonics)
– EPFL and UNIL Students Chamber Orchestra (SChO)
EPFL & UNIL Wine Society (Oenology association)
ESN EPFL (AGEpoly Commission – Erasmus Student Network)
EUGA (EPFL-UNIL Golf Association)
FES (Financial Engineers’ Society)
Forum EPFL (Meeting Companies-Future Graduates)
Fréquence Banane (Radio)
GNU Generation (AGEPoly Commission – Promotion for free Applications)
HYDROcontest EPFL Team (EPFL Student Association for the Competition Hydrocontest)
Exchanges and internships abroad)
EPFL Student branch (Advancement of technology)

IDM (World Engineers UNIL-EPFL)
IFL (Innovation Forum Lausanne)
Ingénieurs Nomades (AGEPoly Commission – 4L Trophy Participation)
Iranian Students Association at EPFL)
Irrotationnels (
Association of EPFL Students in Physics)
Ishi Go Club (AGEPoly Commission – GO Players)
JDRPoly (AGEPoly Commission – Roleplay)
JE EPFL (Junior Entreprise)
Lausanne Racing Team (Racing Formula Student)
LauzHack (Hackaton organisation)
MESSAA (Energy Management & Sustainability
Students & Alumni Association)
– MUN EPFL (Model United Nations, Eloquence and debates of international politics)
Musical (AGEPoly Commission)
[email protected] (Academic Society of Officers at the Campus)
OCTANIS (Student Association to promote prototyping and entrepreneurship)
OSUL (Lausanne Academic Symphonic Orchestra)
PET (Theatrical Expression Pole)

PIXELS (Gaming Association Culture)
Plan-Queer: Association of LesGayBiTrans (LGBT)
Students of EPFL-UniL
PolyBeach (AGEPoly Commission – Beach Games competition)

PolyDoc (EPFL PhD Association)
PolyJapan (AGEPoly Commission – Promotion of Japanese Culture)
PolyLan (AGEPoly Commission – PC Games)

Polyphys (Association of EPFL PhDs in Physics)
Polyprog (Association of EPFL Students promoting programmation and algorithmic)
PolyQuity (AGEPoly Commission – Promoting gender equality)
PolySI (Integration week of the EPFL – AGEPoly Commission)
RoboPoly (AGEPoly Commission – Robots Contest)
Rocket Team (construction and rocket launch)
Satellite (Bar, concerts and theater)
Society of Heteroclites Artists practicing sketch)
Share-EPFL (Sharing Knowledge for Development)
SIAM (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics-Student Chapter)
SME (Society of Managerial Engineering
Students of EPFL)
Start (Association to promote entrepreneurship)
– STIL (Technologies and Innovation Exhibition in Lausanne)
Stoica (Association of Tessin Students)
Sysmic (Evening of the EPFL
Students in Microtechnics)
The Consulting Society (Promotion of Consulting activities)
TFA (The Finance Association)
Toastmasters (Association developping communication and leadership skills)
TRANSFAIR (Section de l’union du personnel du domaine des epf)
Round table of EPFL Students in Environment)
TUNES (Association of the academic Tunisian in Switzerland)
UASP (Association of Spanish
Students at EPFL)
UniPoly (
Association for Sustainable Development)
VNLausanne (Association of the Vietnamese
Students in Lausanne)
YUVA-Indians (Association of the Indian
in Lausanne)