Mission Asclepios: do-it-yourself space mission

What is the project about?

The Asclepios project is a program of analogue missions designed by students for students, under the mentorship of trained professionals. This interdisciplinary project unites students and scientists from all around the globe to achieve a common goal: successfully perform “do-it-yourself” space missions. It seeks to simulate short-term space missions on another celestial body, such as the Moon or Mars, thus paving the way to the future space exploration of our solar system.

For more information: asclepios.ch

Mission Control Center prototype during the Asclepios I Dress Rehearsal

The Asclepios missions are human-sized analogue space missions which are openend only to students with the goal of training them for their future space endeavors as astronauts, space engineers or members of the Mission Control Center.  It is for this reason that one of the project’s main objectives is Education, which is carried out by the team in terms of workshops and analogue mission training, and by the EPFL Space center as part of semester projects. In addition, the platform allows numerous laboratories across the world to test prototypes and the development of experiments useful for the exploration of the Moon or Mars, making Scientific Research the second goal of Asclepios. Finally, as part of [email protected] commitments, Communication, i.e., educating and inspiring young generations, through engaging media appearances, remains one of the key aspect of the project.


Asclepios Heads and Astronauts

Interested to take part of this project? Have a check on the dedicated page of the website: asclepios.ch/become-a-member