About us

The EPFL Quantum Computing Association is a student association created in June 2019 by MSc and PhD students working in quantum technology on EPFL campus.

Why a student association for what appears to be a research area?

EPFL has been for many years a leader in the quantum technology research. We have on campus eminent professors and scientific collaborators, that do work everyday towards the goal of leveraging the power of quantum physics to build new sensors, communication systems or computers!

However, despite this flourishing research area, many students realised that those research groups were not well known by the student community. More surprisingly, the association was created by two PhD students that met at a conference outside of EPFL, and figured out only then that they were actually working in similar topics, but in different departments!

With the idea of building a quantum aware student community, we decided that it was up to us to do the promotion of such a revolutionary domain!

What do we do exactly?

We dedicate ourselves to promote and facilitate collaboration at EPFL in all fields related to quantum computation and technologies. By hosting and organising events, talks from well-known researchers, debates, hackathons,  workshops, and most importantly original research projects, we hope to create an EPFL student community that does not only follow the next potential revolution of computer science, but also becomes an actor of it!

As quantum computing involves various disciplines (e.g Physics, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Material Science, and much more!), everyone is welcome to join our association. Your background does not matter, all you need is the thirst for learning. No prior knowledge or experience is required!


The Team

Our committee is composed primarily of EPFL students from every level (from Bachelor first year to end of PhD!) We are looking to investigate novel trajectories for quantum research. We are in touch with many researchers at EPFL and in Europe. Your journey in quantum engineering starts right here!