The Association

Description and goals:

PolyDoc is an association that is open to all PhD students at EPFL which aims at:

  • developing the PhD community by collaborating with existing associations on the campus, and by organizing regular events intended for them;
  • offering a frame for cooperation between the different PhD students representatives, as well as an interface between these representatives and the PhD community;
  • communicating important information and upcoming events to the PhD students at EPFL through this website and a newsletter.


According to EPFL regulation concerning associations, the French version of PolyDoc’s statutes shall prevail.

Statutes in French

Statutes in French and translated in English

The 2021 Committee: 

The 2021 committee was elected during the General Assembly which took place on December 10th, 2020.

President Nicholas Morgan
Vice-President Annie Guillaume
Treasurer Carl Bormann
Social Events Coordinators Romain Dubuis, Dieuwertje Modder, and Evangelos Belias
Representation Coordinator Ayush Agarwal
Communications Guillaume Broggi and Gael Lederrey

Practicing social distancing, hoping to see you all in person soon!