La diversité de la photonique à l’EPFL est bien illustrée par les différents domaines de recherche étudiés par les différents laboratoires. Suivez ces liens pour en découvrir davantage!

Photovoltaics and Thin Film Electronics Laboratory PV-LAB
  • Thin film silicon solar cells on glass
  • thin films solar cells on flexible substrates
  • transparent conductive oxides (TCOs)
  • plasma diagnostics
  • a-Si/c-Si heterojunction solar cells
  • PV module design
  • thin-film electronics
Photonic Systems Laboratory PHOSL (IEL)
  • Wavelength multicasting
  • real time analysis of arbitrary-rate
  • arbitrary-format data stream
  • multi-wave and high data rates (>100 Gb/s) manipulation
Laboratoire de systèmes bionanophotoniques BIOS
  • Plasmonics
  • Optical metamaterials and metasurfaces
  • Nano-Biosensors
  • Lab-on-a-Chip Devices
  • Ultra-Sensitive Spectroscopy
  • Nanofabrication
  • Microfluidics
Quantum Architecture Group AQUA
  • Model and develop hardware/software systems based on quantum devices
  • high-speed 2D/3D optical sensing
  • embedded & reconfigurable processing architectures
  • single photon avalanche devices (SPAD) and design optimization techniques
Laboratory of Ultrafast Spectroscopy LSU
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy with femtosecond laser and fs/ps X-ray pulses
  • condensed-phase dynamics
  • dynamics of biomolecules
Groupe Microvision Microdiagnostic MVD (SCI-STI-CHD)
  • Quantitative phase imaging
  • digital holographic microscopy
  • nanometric topographic characterization
  • coherent three-dimensional imaging
  • turbid media analysis
  • multiple scattering modelisation
Laboratory of Quantum Optoelectronics LOEQ
  • Light-matter interactions
  • space and time resolved spectroscopy on low dimensional semiconductor structures
  • Bose-Einstein condensation and superfluidity of microcavity polaritons
  • photonic crystals terahertz lasers
Laboratory of the Physics of Nanostructures LPN
  • Low-dimensional semiconductors
  • photonic nanostructures
  • growth of ordered nanostructures
  • studies of low-dimensional excitons
  • long-wavelength vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Laboratory of Photonics and Interfaces LPI
  • Semiconductor nanocrystallites and mesoscopic oxide films
  • dye sensitized solar cells (DSC) Li insertion batteries and electrochromic displays
  • development of new ionic liquids, used as electrolytes in solar cells
Laboratory of Advanced Semiconductors for Photonics and Electronics LASPE
  • Exploring quantized structures based on emerging semiconductors for both photonics and electronics from pure fundamental studies to device technology
Optics and Photonics Technology Laboratory OPT
  • Refractive and diffractive micro-optical elements
  • birefringent optics (liquid crystal devices)
  • nano-scale optics (subwavelength structures, photonic crystals, near field microscopy)
Laboratory for Photonic Materials and Characterization LPMAT (IMT)
  • Nanoscience
  • nanodevices and fabrication
  • spintronics
  • materials science and computational chemistry simulation
  • methods and tools for future generations of computer processors, memories and systems
Optical Components and Sensors
  • Optical waveguides
  • optical fiber components and sensors
  • all-fiber lasers
  • laser spectroscopy
Laboratory of Photonics and Quantum Measurements LPQM1 / K-LAB
  • Cavity optomechanics
  • monolithic optical frequency comb
  • ultra sensitive biophysical recognition
Laboratoire d’optique biomédicale LOB
  • Single molecule detection and imaging
  • microscopy towards high lateral resolution and nonlinear microscopy for cell and tissue imaging
  • optical coherence tomography and laser doppler imaging
Microelectronic Systems Laboratory LSM
  • High-performance IC design
  • ultra-low-power IC design
  • bio-electronic circuits and interfaces
  • reliability and robust design methods
  • silicon nanowire devices and circuits
  • 3D integration technologies
  • language based modeling
Nanophotonics and Metrology Laboratory NAM
  • Plasmonics
  • advanced biosensors
  • modelling optical nanostructures
  • nanofabrication
  • optical characterization
  • nanophotonics
  • optical metamaterials
Laboratory of Applied Photonics Devices LAPD
  • We are developping devices that control light at the nano and microscopic scale to engineer applied systems at the macroscopic scale.
Group for Photochemical Dynamics GDP
  • Interfacial and supramolecular photochemistry
  • dynamics of photoinduced electron transfer
  • quantum solar energy conversion
  • femtosecond transient laser spectroscopy
  • time-resolved terahertz spectroscopy of materials and interfacial systems
Electromagnetics and Acoustics Laboratory LEMA
  • The missions of the laboratory are the design, the modeling, the breadboarding and the assessment of transducers systems for different applications (MICs, antennas, active sound absorbers, sound sources localization, metamaterials, etc.)
Optics Laboratory LO
  • Optofluidics
  • microfluidic systems
  • biological imaging
  • phase conjugation through biological tissues
  • imaging through biological medi
  • nonlinear optics for biological characterization
Laboratory of Nanoscale Biology LBEN
  • Single molecule biophysics
  • solid state nanopores
  • optical tweezers
  • second harmonic generation
  • super-resolution microscopy
  • signaling
  • cleanroom processing
Applied Computing and Mechanics Laboratory IMAC
  • Structural Dynamics
  • measurement systems
  • applied computing
  • active structures
Laboratory for fundamental BioPhotonics LBP
  • Nonlinear optics
  • light scattering
  • nanodroplets & particles
  • interfaces
  • water
  • membranes
  • surfactants
  • ultrafast spectroscopy
Laboratory of Theoretical Physics of Nanosystems LTPN
  • Quantum Phase transitions in disordered quantum gases
  • simulation of the optical properties of complex photonic structures
  • quantum dynamics of arrays of coupled nonlinear modes
  • modelling quantum collective phenomena in polaritonic systems
Bioimaging and Optics Platform PTBIOP
  • Project planning
  • sample preparation
  • image acquisition and processing
  • data handling and storage
  • evaluation, testing and promoting of new light microscopical methods in collaboration with research groups at the EPFL
Group for Fibre Optics GFO
  • Advanced optical signal processing
  • optical fibre sensing
  • light-atoms interaction using optical fibres
  • microwave photonics
Biomedical Imaging Laboratory LIB
  • Development of new algorithms and mathematical tools for the advanced processing of medical and biological images
  • image reconstruction
  • multi-modal imaging
  • image analysis and visualization
Groupe Photomedicine PDT (LPAS)
  • Tissue characterisation and detection of malignancies by fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging
  • photodynamic therapy
  • light dosimetry
  • tissue optics
  • fluorescence endoscopy
  • targeting of malignancies and neovascularizations