Meeting with EPFL leadership

On May 12th, the members of the Ukrainian community at EPFL met in person with Martin Vetterli and Kathryn Hess to discuss the state of EPFL’s support for Ukrainian students during this trying time. A number of topics were touched on.

Financial support

EPFL provides social scholarships for anyone whose financial situation was affected by the war. We have been told that only 2 Ukrainian students so far have successfully applied for a scholarship. For anyone who has had financial difficulties as a result of the war in Ukraine, please see how to apply here:

Application deadlines

Though it hasn’t been widely publicized, EPFL has extended its application deadlines for prospective Bachelor’s and Master’s students from Ukraine. Applications to CMS (which before weren’t possible with a Ukrainian diploma) are now open until the end of June. The admission is done through a personal interview. For Bachelor’s and Master’s applications, please write directly to [email protected].

Other positions

EPFL also offers positions for PhDs, researchers, and non-research jobs for Ukrainians. EPFL collaborates with Unil and various startups to find positions for people if these are not available at EPFL directly. For all inquiries, contact [email protected].

Further plans for AKULA

We are working on organizing a few events in the coming weeks and months:

  • A seminar for Ukrainians on finding work in Switzerland
  • A series of lectures on Ukrainian culture and history
  • A photo exhibition about the war

If you want to help us organize any of these events, or if you would like to contribute to our efforts, join our telegram group or contact us at [email protected].