Midday concert – Between Argentina and the Balkans

Tuesday March 21st from 12:15 to 1pm
MED building hall

Geneva Brass Quintet featuring Michel Tirabosco:

  • Lionel Jaquerod (trumpet)
  • Lionel Walter (trumpet)
  • Christophe Sturznegger (horn)
  • Vincent Métrailler (trombone)
  • Eric Rey (tuba)
  • Michel Tirabosco (pan flute)

For this concert, the Geneva Brass Quintet invites the virtuoso pan flute player Michel Tirabosco for a journey between Argentina, the country of Tango, and the Balkans, completely in line with the music cherished by Emir Kusturica.

Geneva Brass Quintet et Michel Tirabosco

The Geneva Brass Quintet will first make the campus resounds with some majestic brass notes. It will then interpret a few gems of its repertoire : opera with Rossini’s “Guillaume Tell”, musical with “West Side Story” and of course the magnificent “Little Fugue in E” by baroque master Johann-Sebastian Bach.

Then, we will welcome on stage Michel Tirabosco, a fantastic pan flute player who will bring us to the mother country of Astor Piazzolla and some of his most famous Tango will be heard : the melancholic “Adios Nonino” dedicated to his father’s death, the poignant “Oblivion” or the frenetic “Libertango”. We will then cross the Atlantic to visit the Balkans where the pan flute is a cult instrument, so is the brass. As well as traditional tunes, the six musicians will also interpret Bartok’s Romanian dances : “Jocul cu bâtă” (Stick dance), “Brâul” (Shawl dance), “Pe loc” (On the spot), “Buciumeana” (Bucsum dance), “Poarga Românească” (Romanian Polka), “Mărunțel” (Fast dance).

The brass and the pan flute together, an unheard of combination to discover absolutely.

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