STI – PhD student position in Integrated Terahertz Quantum Photonics

Your mission

The newly founded Hybrid Photonics Laboratory at EPFL is seeking for talented and motivated candidates to work in the young and dynamic field of Integrated Hybrid Photonics for Terahertz applications in metrology, generation, and quantum transduction.

As a successful candidate of brand-new team, you will shape the future of terahertz science and technology in a brand-new lab. You will develop first-of-their kind hybrid platforms that enable ultra-sensitive measurements of terahertz fields for complex metrology functions, terahertz waveform synthesis or quantum spectroscopy. Depending on your personal strengths and interests, you will help kick off diverse aspects of the experimental effort: technical (optical measurement setup design,  high-frequency electronics and mechanical components), fabrication (develop scalable and reliable hybrid photonic devices on silicon-on-insulator and other electro-optic platforms) and conceptual (develop novel measurement and generation schemes, explore measurement precision limits). In the lab, you will learn about optical technologies and engineering, ultrafast fiber lasers and electro-optical transducers. You will contribute to the automatisation of measurement routines, comprehensive characterisation of fabricated samples and to bridging the area of terahertz science and technology with the most modern fabrication techniques.

Main duties and responsibilities include

  • Develop novel optical setups, together with their driving software/hardware, automatize measurement procedures.
  • Develop and invent novel hybrid optical-terahertz electronics nanostructures and integrated photonic circuits, using simulations software.
  • Develop low-loss nanofabrication protocols of hybrid silicon-organic and other electro-optic platforms in the cleanroom.
  • Characterize samples in the lab.
  • Write scientific publications, file patents, disseminate work at national and international conferences.
  • Maintain collaborations and deliver periodic reports that describe your progress within the project.

Your profile

  • Strong interest in integrated photonics, high-frequency electronics, quantum metrology and/or electro-optic transduction are mandatory. Prior experience in any of these fields is a plus, but not mandatory. More important is the interest to learn and drive this field as a young scientists in a world-wide research community.
  • Knowledgeable in (or interest to learn) Python, Matlab, Labview, Inventor, Illustrator, CST Microwave studio and Comsol.
  • Hands-on attitude and an interest for taking on new challenges are mandatory for this brand-new group. In return, you get to witness setting up a lab first-hand!
  • Enjoy collaborations with various other scientific groups, take on a leading junior role in international teams.

We offer

  • A unique opportunity to contribute and take on entirely new avenues in the field terahertz photonics in a young and dynamic team.
  • Excellent infrastructure through the cleanroom at EPFL, the Lausanne center for ultrafast science, and the newly founded Quantum Science Center at EPFL
  • Competitive salary, coverage of conference costs, a dynamic and inspiring scientific community

The Application Procedure

To apply for this position, please send your CV and transcript of records (Bachelor and Master) together with the contact of two references to Prof. Cristina Benea-Chelmus at [email protected] by the 30th of September. The position will remain open until filled. It is highly indicated that you write a short statement (max. one page) where you outline why you want to join this group, what your specific interests are, how your skills can contribute to the mission of the lab and how you think you can advance in your own academic/scholarly pursuit while being a part of the Hybrid Photonics Laboratory. PhD. Candidates will need to apply/have applied to the Doctoral School at EPFL (if needed, details will be provided after a successful candidate was selected). Until our EPFL website is ready (currently under construction), please consult the following personal website for more info.

Start date: January 2022 or later     Work rate: 100%