STI – PhD position in Advanced Micro-Manufacturing and Educational Sciences

We have an open PhD position for candidates having a science or engineering background and who are highly motivated towards addressing the challenges in education that arise from the digitization of society. The project may in particular attract candidates with an engineering background who aspire to engage in education sciences, e.g., to become a lecturer, (school)teacher or instructor. Experience in the field of microfabrication techniques (e.g., cleanroom processes for integrated micro/nanosystems engineering) is preferred but not compulsory, whereas interest in digital/virtual education and training methods is clearly essential.

The thesis project will be co-supervised by experts from engineering and educational science and is part of the newly formed joint EPFL-ETH Zurich Doctoral Program in the Learning Sciences (JDPLS). The doctoral student will be trained to lead the transformation in all parts of our education systems including schools, universities, workplace and informal learning spaces. This project is co-financed by EPFL, ETHZ and the JACOBS FOUNDATION.


Impact of digital education and training for the acquisition of technical competences in advanced micro/nanofabrication processes such as in a cleanroom.


Prof. J. Brugger (EPFL), Prof. M. Kapur (ETHZ), Prof. Ch. Hierold (ETHZ)

Location of studies:

EPFL (Lausanne campus) in close collaboration and exchange with ETH Zurich.

Starting date:

Spring/summer/fall 2022, after the admission in the doctoral program.

If you are interested, please submit your application via the official doctoral program JDPLS online forms (JDPLS). Next application dead-line: April 15th 2022.

If you have questions, please contact Prof. J. Brugger (EPFL) or Prof. Ch. Hierold (ETHZ)