SB – PhD Position Statistical Mechanics of Intracellular condensates

Liquid-liquid phase separation has been recently emerged as a new mechanism to create specialized compartments inside cells, from bacteria to single-cellular and multi-cellular eukaryotes, without the need of an enveloping membrane. Although the framework of standard phase separation has been used to explain their formation, in more recent years it has been acknowledged that in many cases their presence, and their internal state, are maintained by several energy-consuming processes, making them a prominent biological instance of active matter (also known as open-dissipative, non-equilibrium systems). These findings call for theoretical modelling at various scales, from molecular to hydrodynamical, extending the known approaches for equilibrium phase-separation to non-equilibrium processes.

This position is part of a collaborative project together with the computational biophysics group of Dr. Alessandro Barducci (Centre de Biochimie Structurale, Montpellier), the experimental biophysics group of Dr. Aleksandra Radenovic (EPFL) and the biology/biochemistry group of Prof. Karsten Weis (ETHZ).

Your Profile: You hold a Master degree in Physics with emphasis on Theoretical, Statistical and Computational physics. Previous knowledge of Biology from the academic curriculum is appreciated. You must be willing to spend considerable time reading biological literature and interacting with computational and experimental scientists. Excellent proficiency in English is required.

We offer: Doctoral studies at EPFL last 4 years. We are offering excellent research facilities and a competitive salary. The EPFL offers an outstanding international ecosystem full of training and development opportunities.

Application procedure: Applications must be sent to [email protected] Deadline for sending PhD applications is October 1st, 2020. Candidates are invited to wait for Prof. De Los Rios’ informal green light prior to applying to a doctoral school. EPFL regulations for PhDs are available here and here.

Start date: January 1st 2021.