SB – PhD position in physics and systems neuroscience

We are looking for PhD students and postdocs interested in physics and systems neuroscience.

Our laboratory combines theory and experiment to investigate how circuits in the brain compute decisions dynamically. In experiments, we measure brain activity in C. elegans worms using novel microscopy techniques. On the theoretical side, our interests extend from image analysis using neural networks, to data analysis and modeling, to proving theorems. We are looking for new principles and laws that describe decision-making in the brain. The specifics of the projects change rapidly in time, so it is best to discuss them in person.

The ideal candidate has a quantitative background, for example, in physics, is fascinated by the brain, and would like to pursue both theory and experiments. The candidate will work closely with members of my lab initially to learn the specific relevant skills.

Start date:





1 year (renewable up to 4 years)


Prof. Sahand Rahi ([email protected])