STI – PhD position in GaN electronic devices


At the POWERlab, we develop novel semiconductor devices, including GaN and Diamond, based on a judicious device design to exploit their unique properties and conceive new, drastically more efficient devices that outperform the state-of-the-art. Our research is multidisciplinary at the interface of power electronic devices and converters, RF communications and thermal sciences.

We are looking for excellent and motivated candidates for a PhD in the field of GaN semiconductor devices for power electronics. The candidate will pursue novel ideas based on concepts developed in our laboratory, combining nanoscale geometries and multi-channel structures to tackle challenges in the field of efficient power electronics. Below are some relevant references:

Nature electronics 2021:

IEDM 2019:

The candidate will have the opportunity to work several aspects involved in demonstrating high-performance devices: device fabrication in cleanroom (relying on EPFL’s excellent cleanroom facilities), numerical simulations, device characterization (relying on the excellent facilities in the lab, for electrical, optical and thermal measurements). Most importantly, the candidate is encouraged to try new ideas and approaches.

Profile: The candidate is expected to have a solid background in semiconductor physics and electronics, with strong aptitude for performing experiments and device fabrication. Experience with GaN devices, device simulatio and/or semiconductor growth is welcome, but not a requirement.

What is offered: The selected candidate will be offered a fully-paid fellowship with very competitive salary and excellent conditions to excel in his/her research.

Starting date: The ideal starting date would be as soon as possible.

How to apply: If you are interested, and have the correct profile for this position, please send your CV to [email protected], including publications (if any) and names of two references.