Strategy 2020

EPFL Sustainable Campus was created in 2007 to support EPFL’s strong growth and strengthen the culture of strong sustainability within the university. EPFL management has relaunched an ambitious 2017-2020 strategy based on 3 pillars:

1) Towards CO2 neutrality in 2020

Accelerated programme for the reduction, offsetting and adaptation of CO2 emissions, in line with the national implementation of the Paris Agreements

2) Strong and integrated sustainability

Establishment of transversal governance of sustainability in the Vice-Presidencies, Faculties and Services and implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) within the framework of the Confederation’s Agenda 2030

3) Special projects

Three major exemplary projects on emerging issues:

ACT FOR CHANGE LAB: platform for creating sustainability projects for students (2018-2020)
RESILIENT CAMPUS: adaptation of external developments to climate change (energy, well-being and biodiversity)
URBAN FARMING: enhancement of agricultural heritage (Bassenges) in a participatory agro-ecological approach


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EPFL Sustainability
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