EPFL + Caulys aims to create automated urban agriculture spaces in the unused areas of the campus. An area in the CO building will be redeveloped and dedicated to these hydroponics systems.

The Castor Freegan responds to the desire to create a student-run cafeteria for the campus community. The Castor Freegan will distribute vegetarian meals from unsold and oversupply foodstuffs.

A gentle and sustainable solution to overcrowding in urban pigeons. A beautiful prevention initiative to a possible unpleasant situation that could arise on campus in the near future.

Creation on campus of an emblematic place that brings together the values of sharing objects and services. Initially, this project aims to carry out a study to understand the real needs on the campus of such a structure.

Study the benefits of a green-vegetated wall through the design of a simple prototype designed to decorate and enhance the new SKIL building.