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Philippe Vollichard, responsible for the EPFL Sustainable Campus

Trained as a forestry engineer (ETH Zurich), his private and professional career is steeped in sustainability issues. The first half of his career was devoted entirely to the promotion of Swiss forests and wood, in a multifaceted activity as a coordinator, facilitator and communicator for the indigenous wood sector. In 1995, he reoriented his career at EPFL by holding several directors’ positions, but remaining very involved in the environmental management of the campus. Since 2007, he has been in charge of coordinating the sustainable development unit.

Gianluca Paglia, Project Manager Act for Change LAB

An EPFL environmental science engineer, he participated in the launch of the EPFL Solar Decathlon project and created the SOLAR association. After some experience in environmental consulting firms, he launched the Act for Change LABproject in 2018, a platform for sustainability projects for students on campus.

Aurore Nembrini is head of sustainable development projects.

She coordinates several projects for the Sustainable Campus unit and is responsible for the university’s environmental management system. She is an environmental engineer (EPFL/1997) and holds an MBA with a specialization in social responsibility from Université Laval organizations (2009). She joined the Sustainable Campus unit in 2011 after 12 years of experience in environmental management and sustainable development in Switzerland and Canada.

Luca Fontana is a specialist in sustainable mobility on campus.

A graduate of the University of Lausanne in Geosciences and Environment, with a specialization in sustainable urban planning, he took over the major mobility issues in March 2016, including the annual survey on commuting mobility. It focuses on the deployment of the Mobility Plan, in particular through the parking policy and incentives for public transport and soft mobility. It is currently developing the BusinessMobility Plan aimed at mitigating the environmental impact of EPFL professional flights.

Annual report

Have a look on our highlights reading our annual report 2018.


Depuis 2002, le campus d'Ecublens est certifié par la Fondation Nature&Economie pour ses aménagements naturels faisant la promotion de la biodiversité.

ISCN Excellence in Construction Award

En 2009, l'EPFL a reçu l'ISCN Excellence in Construction Award. Ce prix honore l’exemplarité des mesures avant-gardistes de développement durable prises sur le campus de l'EPFL. Le Jury de l’ISCN a récompensé la pertinence et la persistance de ces choix écologiques et sociaux, capables d’inspirer les futurs campus universitaires.

Prix Vélo pour entreprises cyclophiles 2009

En 2009, l'EPFL a reçu un prix d'encouragement du Prix Vélo pour entreprises cyclophiles pour l'ensemble des mesures prises en faveur du vélo sur le campus.



Le label Imprim'Vert certifie que la Repro a mis en place des ations concrètes visant à diminuer les impacts de ses activtiés sur l'environnement.

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