Achievements underway

Several interventions started in 2022 as part of the Campus Piéton project. Here are a few pictures, links and details about these achievements.

19 mai 2022. Instalation des air-pots Campus Piéton © Niels Ackermann / Lundi13

[05/19/2022] Forty-one air pots containing southern European tree species, which are more resilient to climate change, sprang up around the Rolex Learning Center and the adjacent Avenue Piccard. Once they have acclimatized, the trees will be planted in the redesigned area covered by Campus Piéton.

19 mai 2022. Campus Piéton. © Niels Ackermann / Lundi13

[02-06/05/2022] During ENAC Week, students built a pergola that blends into the surrounding vegetation and provides a place to relax in the shade. The shelter has since been used by student associations located in this part of the campus.

[06/20/2022] After Forum I in March 2022, Forum II was an opportunity to discover the student and research work of the semester, and to continue the consultation during a workshop with various members of the EPFL community.

Bac-à-Break. Photo Alain Herzog EPFL 2022
Vegetable garden project on Avenue Piccard

[06/29/2022] Two recycling planters – designed by EPFL staff and known as “Bac-à-Break” – have been installed near the Epicure restaurant, with the support of the Act for Change LAB. The planters are entirely in keeping with the principles of Campus Piéton.

[24/08/2022] Developed by two institutes at the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg (HEIA-FR), this cool modular pavilion showcases some ideas for making the campus a more pleasant and climate-resilient place. It will stay until the end of October 2022.

20 juin 2022. Campus Piéton. © Niels Ackermann / Lundi13

[17/10/2022] Public parking spaces on Piccard Avenue are removed in favor of potted trees and street furniture. A new bicycle path is designed, and the motorcycle parking spaces are relocated to the north of the avenue. This transformation foreshadows the changes to come in the context of pedestrianization.