Quality culture: the concern of the entire EPFL community

EPFL is committed to a continuous process of improvement. Here you will learn how you can participate in spreading the institution’s quality culture.

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At EPFL, three levels are regularly peer-reviewed:

1 – The institutional level: by the Swiss Accreditation Council during institutional accreditation.

2 – The faculty and college level: by a jury of independent experts.

3 – The programmes that award engineering degrees: by the CTI.

The self-evaluation phase (internal evaluation) precedes each of the three evaluations.

The 3 levels assessed

Institutional accreditation

Institutional accreditation is mandatory according to the Federal Act on Funding and Coordination of the Swiss Higher Education Sector (Higher Education Act, HEdA).

Evaluation of EPFL’s Schools and Colleges

In accordance with Article 10a of ETH Law, the ETH Board requires an external evaluation of the faculties and colleges of the EPFL every 8 years.

Program’s accreditation

In 2022, the accreditation of fourteen programs will be renewed. In addition, five new programs will also be accredited for the first time

Quality management

The EPFL Direction has implemented a quality management policy based on continuous improvement of its organization, structures and processes.


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Quality Deputy

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