Centre for Digital Trust

A partnership between research, industry, the public sector and civil society, the EPFL Center 4 Digital Trust's objective is to conceptualise and create a common vision for digital trust around the world.

The C4DT’s ambitious missions is axed around the following 4 pillars:

  • C4DT Embassy

    • identify opportunities
    • shape the research agenda
    • connect ideas, people, organizations, and scientific domains
  • C4DT Academy

    • foster mutual learning and offer training
    • develop skills, raise awareness and expand the digital trust job market
  • C4DT Factory

    • integrate technologies into a high-quality digital trust platform
    • identify best practices
    • provide expertise to partners to quickly prototype solutions
  • C4DT Agency

    • facilitate the identification and setup of bilateral or multilateral application projects to accelerate the deployment of cutting-edge commercially viable solutions