Academic rankings

EPFL in academic rankings

Academic rankings are now consulted by all decision-makers, professors, students and parents and even by a wider audience curious to assess the “quality” of universities. And no matter what one considers as quality when it comes to organizations as complex as academic institutions!
Rankings have become essential, but it should be remembered that the first comparison of universities worldwide dates back only about ten years! The first Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Rankings of World Universities were established in 2003. Since then, several initiatives have attempted to identify the performance of academic institutions. Some were from for-profit organizations, others from universities, governments or supranational agencies.

Some use a mix of performance indicators (input and output) and rely heavily on reputation surveys. None of these rankings are perfect, but they all shed some light on the universities under scrutiny. The analysis of the globality of all rankings gives a fairly reliable idea of the relative importance, perception and performance of academic institutions.

EPFL is one of the most prestigious universities in the world for the quality of its education and research. The table below reflects the results of our School in these various international rankings: