Studying at EPFL Middle East


EPFL Middle East is an integral part of EPFL. Graduate research and programs at the MSc and PhD levels are offered jointly in Lausanne and Ras Al Khaimah, in a unique environment for a research-based graduate education. At the heart of this experience lie high admission standards and uncompromising research excellence, leading to EPFL degrees. Students are registered in Lausanne.

MSc Education

At the master’s level, a specific program in the field of Energy Management and Sustainability is currently open for enrollment, and is organized around multidisciplinary project-based curricula, in an environment that gathers master students, PhD students, senior scientists and faculty members.

PhD Education

At the PhD level, students are admitted in the regular programs offered within the doctoral school of EPFL. PhD research projects are carried out in laboratories on both sites. The requirements for completion of the PhD are established by the individual PhD programs and the doctoral school.